Armor Series

Protects costly vehicle headlights
Helps to prevent scratches and cracks from road debris

Headlight Protection Film

LAVISH® Headlight Protection Film is designed to protect headlight from the scratches and cracks caused by rocks, road salt, debris and sand. Pitting and cracking not only affects the appearance, but it also reduces the performance of your lights. The film helps to create a shiny consistent surface and keep your headlights looking brand new for many years while protecting them.

Nano Ceramic Technology

Our film, with German nano ceramic technology, it is thick enough to handle direct stone strikes, but still lets headlight heat dissipate naturally. It has an outer layer which is hardly to scuff or scratch, and an inner layer that bonds to lenses and evens out any surface imperfections.

Without Protection Film

Headlights are extremely vulnerable to damage from both debris and the sun’s UV rays. Lenses can get sandblasted from dirt and small stones, cracked from larger rock strikes, or go cloudy from constant exposure to the sun.